Monday, May 13, 2013

Photos of Mr Alger from his daughter Helen Heenan

Mr Alger taught at the school between 1969 - 71. His daughter, Helen Heenan was a baby at the time but has found some photos to share with us.

Mr Alger in the swimming pool.....

Mr Alger with the Cricket team

Mrs Alger - pregnant with daughter Helen at the time (on the field behind the school)

The cat who lived in the school cottage

Wyre cottage where they lived.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photo from Martin Hull - School XV Autumn '73

Photo from Martin Hull - School XV Autumn '73

Back Row L-R Mark Harrison, Andrew Bensley, Martin Hull, Eric Szkuta, Hughes, Robert Griffin, Chris Hill, Viner, Tim Naylor, Paul Jarvis (Hunt), Bruce Naylor.

Front Row L-R Dean Williams, Anderton, Charlie Seddon, Pollock, John Harvey

Photos from Colin Tattersall - 1951

Colin Tattersall (Mad Carue) -

Photos of the school from 1951- 
Colin says - 

"I found these pics as I was having a clean out they are I think 1950-1 on a educational trip to the south coast “Dorset” plus a couple of the school I am sorry that they are of such low resolution but that’s how it was in those days, I think Mr Lambley’s christian name was Derek. B Villiers was known as Titch Villiers.From what I remember Mr Lambley taught us French and Sports and was a thoroughly good sort."

John Lowe was deputy head and left the school c 1957 to become head at Willenhall Wood Junior school in Coventry.

Earlsdon House when the dorms were named after areas of Coventry.

Golden Cap is near Lyme Regis in Dorset.

Geoffrey Barber - Two School Photos 1955-56

From an e mail from Geoffrey Barber: - 

"I was at Wyre Farm Camp school in Blount House from September 1955 until September 1957. 

I have been lucky to be recently introduced to the school website and congratulate you on the excellent format.

I have been searching for the names of some pupils of that era, notably a Neil Hilliard but could not find him and not being on Facebook I do not know where else to look. Can you help me please?

I remember Mr Langley who was my teacher, also Mr Clarke who gave me six of the best with trousers down with a Gym pump! The pictures of the pool bring back many happy memories, excepting the one where I nearly drowned! 

Plus also I remember a very kind man, Mr R.T. Morris as headmaster who tried to persuade me on a Sunday tea at their white painted house to stay there as I had won a scholarship to go to Henry VIII school back at Coventry which is where I went."

Geoffrey Barber

Below, two photos of the school from with Geoff Barber
Geoff Barber 1955

Geoff and a friend at the post box 1956