Monday, October 13, 2014

ATV Today - City of Coventry Boarding School - Footage (via MACE) from 3.4.1969

At last we've tracked the existence of an ATV film of the school from the 3rd April 1969. The footage has been preserved by MACE (Media Archives for Central England). As the footage has now been digitised, we are now able to view from their Vimeo site. The footage had to be edited - ie songs from the Oliver performance had to be edited owing to copyright restrictions but the visual side is still there. Some of the staff feature in the video, Alan Thorne, Gordon Place, George Parker, Rev David Williams. It shows footage of the old and new school buildings, sick bay with Matron, sports, the science and metalwork labs, the library and recreation and the dining rooms. Enjoy. Thanks to all those who chipped in to fund the edit and to Eliza Richardson of MACE for making it possible.

[ATV Today. 03.04.1969. City of Coventry Boarding School] from MACE Archive on Vimeo.