Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dennis Elmer - Passed but not Forgotten.

Today, April 9 2016, we got a request from Dennis's daughter, Kirsti, to join the school Facebook page. It was sad news. Dennis has gone to the senior school in the sky! Photos and tributes were shared and I'll transfer what  I can here, for posterity. Here's Dennis Elmer as he was in 2014 at the school reunion in Cleobury Mortimer.

School Cross Country Team 1958. Dennis Elmer is 3rd from right on the back row.

Another from the Reuinon 2014 - Dennis on the left - Michael Billings on the right. Dennis's wife in the background behind him I think.

Dennis on the left.

Dennis with his daughter Kirsti

Dennis worked at Rolls Royce at some stage and lived down in Western Super Mare. 

Kirsti Louise Elmer Hello everyone sorry to post this on here but i am Dennis Elmer daughter and have some awful news sadly this morning my dad passed away he was very peaceful and surrounded by family. Any memories anyone has of him or pictures please contact me on here or by inbox me many thanks for accepting me to the group xx

Kirsti Louise Elmer
Thank u, he has 5 children 4 girls and a boy 10 grandchildren and one on the way, he was a loving husband to our mum for 25 years and took her away to Tunisia last year as a surprise.
He lived for his football team the sky blues also enjoyed fishing and darts.
He was a very private and stubborn man but very very loving.

Martyn Hawthorn Kirsti thank you for letting us all know he sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. The name is familiar so what years was your Father at the school as I may have some photos in one of my boxes.

David Partridge Dennis would have left in '64

Martyn Hawthorn I was trying to work it out as I think he was in the year after me and I think in Mortimer House. He would be about 68 I think.

David Partridge Mortimer, the year before me which would make him 67 or 68.

Stuart McDonald Sad to read of Dennis's death. I don't believe I knew him as a little before my time. My sympathies to his family.

David Partridge Very sad news. I remember him well from school, we were both in Mortimer House, he was a year older than me. He was rather cool with his quiff so I took it as a great honour when he suggested we swop my sloppy brown jumper for his chelsea boots for a few weeks. That would be about 52 years ago. Best wishes to the family.

Andy Gibson So sorry for your loss.

Stephen Donald Sorry to hear of your loss, Kirsti

Paul Rees Sorry for your loss Kirsti Louise Elmer. My thoughts are with you. x

Hadrian Wall I'm very sorry to hear this, Kristi.

Kirsti Louise Elmer Thank you everyone for your words

Lauri Lindsay So sorry to hear of Dennis's passing

Ken Hammond So sorry to hear of this.

Raymond Bothwell sorry to hear this

David Partridge Very sad news, best wishes to you all.

Keith Ison Thoughts are with you
So sad to hear of this

Mike Simons So sorry to be reading this, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Trev Teasdel Kirsti - Dennis was at the last reunion at the school a couple of years ago and we had a chat. Very sorry to hear this. I think he was a bit older when i was at the school and in Mortimer. He was one of the good ones. Life is a journey and you go as far as you can - that's all you can do. Be strong Kirsti - your mum too and thanks for letting us know. We like to honour our own - will see if i can find any photos with him on.

Kirsti Louise Elmer Thank u that would be lovely

Trev Teasdel So far I haven't found one of Dennis - I thought there would be one of him at the reunion at least but i think he came after the photos were taken. If anyone remebers one of him and knows where it is on the blog - do post it.

Trev Teasdel Kirsti has posted one of Dennis at the reunion on the other blog - the photo i coujld find and I've found one of him in the Cross country team - will post them on here in second!

Paul Nicholas Williamson Dennis was a very good sportsman, plus the fact we played in the same football team after we left Cleobury along with a few more. The team was Phildown Dynamos later to become Phildown Henley when Dennis was the top goal scorer for them.Very sorry to hear the news.

Kirsti Louise Elmer Thank you for the lovely memories he loved his football

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Paul Rees - New Novel - When we say Goodbye.(A dark romance!)

Former pupil Paul Rees has published a new novel 
Check it out on Amazon where there is a sample chapter, and give him some support.

About the Author

Paul Rees is a single Father to a teenage boy. This is his first novel. Paul has had various jobs in his life, soldier, police officer, Sales Manager, Operations Manager and courier to name but a few. Aged 17, Paul joined the Royal Corps of Transport, a Corps he describes as being 'the best in the British Army'. He was a Staff Car driver and met many Senior Officers and, on two occasions, Her Majesty The Queen. He is a passionate supporter of a group on Facebook called UK VETERANS-ONE VOICE.His website is
Read more here on Amazon.

Radford House 1951

John Kitchener Hi Trevor. I can't get my head around adding things on facebook. I was at Wyre Farm from 1951 to 1954 and I think the photo was around 1952. I was in Radford Dormitory and Mr Musgrove was the master. I am second from the right. the good looking one. My Cousin Peter Storrie was also in the same dormitory but at the other end.
I remember a big lad called Judge who now lives in Leyland Lancashire, and another lad called Franze muller but I have no idea where he is nowerdays. I am retired, 73 years old and live in Thornton Cleveleys Lancashire. I spend a lot of the summer in my static caravan in Brecon South wales.
Nice to hear from you.
Kind Regards
John Kitchener

Roy D Christon  Radford House 1951

Roy D Christon John. glad you put that on. Most of the comments are from guys a lot younger than us. see you soon.

Vince Holliday still waiting to hear from anyone who was at the school at same time as me...i.e. 1945 till 1950.

Mad Carue  I am only a youngster 1950 -52.

Roy D Christon Same years as me But my brother David Christon was there 48/52. RadFord House as well.

Roy D Christon Just found my school reports for 1951/53 teachers were Daddy Hadfield. Mr Ham, Mr Richards, Mr Martin Headmaster.

Mad Carue I remember Daddy Hadfield, Mr Martin, Mr Cosgrove, Lambley and Langley , I was in Radford but can’t remember the Masters for certain, The names Ham and Richards ring a bell but that’s all.

Roy D Christon Daddy Hadfield was housemaster in Radford House the low numbers. Who some boys have a tale to tell!!! I was at the school 1950 /1953 RadFord House R19

Mad Carue Roy, [Who some boys have a tale to tell!!!] I think I know what you are referring to. I remember often a bunch of teachers would arrived back from a boozy night in the village .............

Roy D Christon That's right Daddy Hadfield one end Mr Ham Shower end. Remember the shower queues! ! Would not happen today, especially the inspections.

Pete Anderton old Austin A50

Paul Blundell - 
Does anyone remember the old Austin A50 that Pete Anderton and I bought off one of the dinner ladies for £5, and we refurbished it as a project after our exams in our leaving year 1969. We kept it in one of the garages next to the art room. The farmer let us drive it around his field. Alex Hudson bought it off us when we left the school, I don't know what happened to it after that.

Lauri Lindsay I can see you both going around that field even now Paul. Good times.

Peter Melhuish Yes remember it well, I seem to recall moll holiday also had something to do with it.

Paul Blundell I still miss Pete Anderton, he was my best friend. You probably remember we lost him a long time ago. Next May it will be 40 years since he passed away, that's him in the car.

School Canal Trip 70-71 - from Dill Holmes

Outside the new dorm.
Keith Ison Steve Mosey second from left middle row Peter Pennington front row with stripped top (his older brother was Vince Pennington). Looks like Steve Harkin front left, his older Brother Rich was also at the school.

David Stuart Bains one front right Harkin and Pennington front on grass Mosey next then left Baguley and Doubleday. The lad behind Mosey is his name Ward.

David Stuart  Dill is that the trip that old Titus Oates fell of the centre beam and broke his thigh which ended the trip at Leighton Buzzard.

Dill Holmes I am sorry I can't remember, the couple of things I do remember are lighting up a fag as soon as you got it in a tunnel, and two boys digging a very shallow hole in the middle of the tow path and emptying the toilet in it

David Stuart Went by train in to London to the British museum

Dill Holmes I think we went from Braunston , the guy on the tiller I think was David Ott, I think the guy on the right in the stocks was called Day,teacher Peter Germaine in the sun glasses

Stuart Tranter What a good time we had. I am the one in the middle of the stock,to the right in the picture is david ott

Dill Holmes Hi Stuart I certainly remember you just couldn't remember your name, probably due to a misspent 70's

Rosemary Webb Rehill  I remember my dad went on one of those trips!

David Stuart  Kempster is the one with his head in stocks

Rosemary Webb Rehill  Pete Germaine!!! Ha!! Those were the days!

David Stuart  (Bottom photo) Clive Kingsley-Smith facing camera Pete Germaine,think one on left is Stuart Tranter one on right name on tip of tongue.

David Stuart Not Stuart Tranter on left. Was his name Rankin?

Dill Holmes Don't think he was Rankin, guy lying on deck I think was Derick Champion , chap on right I think was David Ott.

Dill Holmes On second thoughts you might be right with Rankin, I might be thinking of Harkin?

Canal trip of June 1967 - via Paul Blundell

Paul Blundell This was the canal trip of June 1967. The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' album was released that week. It was played on the radio when we moored near the Ford Foundry in Leamington and we all listened to it for the first time.

June 1967 Canal trip. Mr Powell steering the boat

June 1967 Canal Trip - Robert Boyce in the foreground

1967 canal trip - John Holliday (?) holding fish

1967 Canal Trip (Paul Blundell pulling the lead rope)

1967 Canal trip - Philip Preedy in the foreground, or was it Victor ? (Twins)

Ford Plant Lemington

SS Uganda - School Trip

Dill Holmes contributed this photo via the Facebook page. There are more phtos of this trip if you look through the Index on here.

SS Uganda docked at Malaga 1969-1970? 

Liverpool to Lisbon to Malaga to Tangiers to LaRochelle then think it was Southampton.

David Stuart Think you are right - 1970. I remember Chris Green nearly through me overboard because I fixed his deckchair to collapse and he trapped his finger in it!

Dill Holmes I know I went on the trip because I have the pictures to prove it, but I am buggered if I can remember which students or teachers went on it with me!

Nigel Tuckey I was on another one in December 71. We flew and toured around Venice before the ship left for Athens, Rhodes, Haifa, for Jerusalem & Bethlehem, and back to Venice.

Adrian Rosenlund Hudson There was also one in the late 70's, which i couldn't go on, but Jon Steane did.

Jon Andrew Steane Yes I did go on one, but it was March 1980, started in Yugoslavia, and went to Cyprus, Turkey, Santorini, Crete and finished up in Venice. George and Mrs. Parker went along to keep us under control. Now if I remember correctly there was Mark Babb, Mark Shekespear, Rob Wood and Aubrey Wood, Mark Watson and Dean Watson, plus two more whose names escape me. Oh yes and I remember Sally Watson, not from the school but from Alcester. And I wonder if one of the other guys (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) remebers Mandy Bond?

Mark Shakespeare I remember that as well. Got us away from School for a while. if i am correct, we also went to Egypt. We docked in Alexandria and visited Cairo and saw the pyramids.

John Billing no, but I have vague memories of canooing down the Wye...

Stuart McDonald John, canoeing down the Wye was the only trip I recall. Fishy Place ran it and I think Grubby Mush Harper was the other staff member on the trip. I was in a canoe with Phil Stevenson.

Some photos from Coventry archives.

Photograph from Stuart McDonald

C 1962 / 63 outside Dudley House.

Ray Smith - A Tribute by Adrian Adams

Former CCBS pupil, Adrian Adams paid tribute to former pupil Ray Smith on the Facebook page - relayed here -

Ray Smith 8th May 1948 - 29th June 2015. As one of Ray's best friends at school I did not see him again
until 10 years ago when he contacted me through Friends Re-united. I did not know he was adopted as a child, and it was only around the same time that he discovered that he had a half brother Stan. Having left school he apprenticed to a carpentry company, He then went into the army. I am not sure of his job history subsequently until we met up again when he had retired. He lost his first wife Chrissie over 15 years ago and had been with his partner Jackie since. He was much regarded in Bideford where he lived, for his carpentry skill, buying and restoring boats to a high standard. He was also a very skilled maker of miniature model railway engines and carriages.Ray's final years were unfortunately blighted by prostate cancer which spread to his kidneys at the end. R.I.P Old Friend" Adrian Adams.